About The Artist


Out of everything that I do, this is one of my favorite things! I love teaching and demonstrating for so many enthusiastic painters. And I have definitely made a great many friends along the way.


I am incredibly lucky to have some of my good friends accompany me as I travel teach and as I participate in trade shows.


I have a very wonderful family: a devoted husband, two sons and a daughter, and seven grandchildren.


I have been painting most of my life, as a teenager I painted in oils. Around 1986, I became interested in Decorative Painting (known as Folk Art back then).


Lacking supplies or teachers in this art locally, I set out to teach myself. What “masterpieces” I created …you can only imagine! In 1990, after refining my art for a few years, I was fortunate to discover a book called ‘Back to Basics’ by Maureen McNaughton. This book was a turning point for me. I began teaching a few friends in my home. Before long, I was teaching for two school boards, the City of Sudbury and a local painting studio. And for the past 6 years, I’ve operated my own decorative painting studio ‘Wendy’s Way’.


Besides teaching, I have authored three books and I have 300+ published designs. a few years ago I was excited to have my first piece (‘Autumn Splendor’) published in ‘Painting Magazine’, and I opened my web site. What a whirlwind!


I hope you’ll come and have fun painting with me! ...Wendy

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