Tips from Wendy


You can use DecoArt Americana Staining/Antiquing Medium (DS51) in place of DecoArt's Canvas Gel (DAS5-2) in any of my patterns which use canvas gel, and use it in the same manner as instructed.

 Here are some of the things Wendy has learned over the years.

 Painting on Fabric

  • For a stiff workable surface, place a cookie sheet into a plastic bag and pull the fabric across.
  • For easy transferring of your pattern, trace the back side of your pattern with a chalk pencil.
  • Position the pattern with the chalk side down and rub over the pattern with a credit card.     

 Blending Tips

  • Keep a little extra moisture in your brush when blending.
  • Work wet on wet for best results.
  • Do not use too much pressure.
  • If you are heavy handed, move your hand higher up on the handle as this will instantly ease the amount of pressure being applied.
  • It helps if you stand up over your work while blending in a background.
  • When blending in a lake or sky, start in the middle and work outward.

 Odd Tidbits

  • When unsure about adding a colored flower or trim etc., place a piece of Mylar over your work and try the color.  Repeat the process until you find a color that you are happy with. (This saves a lot of grief!)
  • When you remove the pull out section for line drawings in a book or magazine, snap an elastic around it to keep it in place and with the book.

 Have fun painting!